The Leopard Gecko

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The Leopard Gecko

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Found naturally in the deserts of Southern Central Asia, the Leopard Gecko has become a very popular gecko in the pet trade. There are several color morphs that have been developed for this easily kept lizard.

Housing: A 10 gallon aquarium can house a pair of leopard geckos, but a larger enclosure is better. Newspaper or paper towels make the best substrate for leos, but you can also use cypress mulch. Some keeper use calcium sand for their leos, but since these geckos may eat their substrate, this is not recommended. Within the leo enclosure there should be multiple hides. It is ideal to have one at the hot end, and one at the cool end. It is also recommended to have a humidity box for the geckos. These can be as simple as a “Glad” or “Zip-Lock” container with a hole cut in the lid and lined with sphagnum moss. The moss should be kept damp, but not dripping with water. This also provides a place for females to lay their eggs.

Feeding: Leopard geckos are insectivorous. The will eat a variety of insects including crickets and mealworms. These insects should be dusted with calcium or gut-loaded before being fed to geckos. It is best to only feed what the geckos will eat in a feeding. Crickets may nibble on the geckos, and cause stress. Adult leos can be given pinkie mice (no more than a few days old). They are good for breeding females because of the calcium in them. Leos obtain their water thru their food, but will drink water droplets when the cage has been misted.

Heating and Lighting: Temps should range from 78 f to 88 f with a basking area of 95f. As with most all reptiles a temperature gradient is needed, with one end being cooler than the other. 10 to 12 hours of light should be provided each day. Leos are nocturnal so do not require UVB lighting.

Adult male should never be housed together.

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