White Lined Gecko

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White Lined Gecko

Post  J3TChick on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:57 pm

White Lined or Skunk Gecko

Size: The Skunk or White Lined Gecko can reach 8 to 10 inches

The skunk gecko is nocturnal, so no special lighting is needed. However, some experts feel that using low levels of UV lighting is still beneficial to the overall health of these geckos. For nighttime viewing, a red bulb can be used. This is when tese geckos are most active.

White lines need temp range from 82 - 85 during the day, 72 - 75 durning the night. They need a warm side and a cool side so they can choose how warm they want to be. They also need misted at least twice a day, if not three times a day. The humidity should be 65 to 75 %.

A 20 gal. high aquarium works best for a pair. They need plenty of spaces to hide, so provide plants and cork bark in their tanks. Do not house males together. They are territorial and hsould be housed separately from other males. For substrate it is best to use something that will help maintain the humidity in the cage. This includes: cyprus mulch, moss, peat, or coconut fiber bedding.

White lines eat crickets and other insects, and will also take pinkie mice like the other larger geckos. Dusting the crickets with calsium is benefical for the health of the gecko. Geckos usually do not drink from water bowls, but from the water droplets on leaves and cage furniture. It is still best to have a bowl with fresh water available at all times.

They have very delicate skin, so handling should be avoided.

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