Marbled Gecko Care Sheet

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Marbled Gecko Care Sheet

Post  J3TChick on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:54 pm

Marbled Gecko Care Sheet

Location: Southern Australia

Size: Marbled geckos can grow up to 8", the females slightly smaller than the male.

Housing: A 20 gallon vivarium is the very minimum for a single marbled gecko, increasing in size as more animals are introduced. They are arboreal, so height is as important as length. A secure lid is a must, as these lizards can climb smooth vertical surfaces.

Temp: Daytime temperatures should be kept between 78° and 88° F (28° - 31° C) with a basking temperature of 90° to 95° F. Night time temperatures should be kept a little lower, at 75° - 80° F. The ambient temperature can be maintained with basking bulbs, infrared bulbs, heat mats or ceramic emitters. Marbled geckos require high humidity, around 60-80%, as they seldom drink from a water bowl (even though one should be provided!), prefering to lick moisture from surrounding plants etc., so misting the vivarium with water at least twice daily is important. Humidity can be maintained by using live plants (ensuring they are non toxic). Marbled geckos do not require a UVA/B source as they are mainly nocturnal, so a red lamp can be used for night time veiwing. Some experts say, though, that geckos can benefit from UV lighting.

Feeding: Marbled geckos can be fed crickets, mealworms, super worms and wax worms. Crickets and worms should be gut-loaded by feeding them fruit and veg, and also dusted with calcium (phosphorous free). This will ensure your gecko will get all the nutrients required. In addition to this, a supplement of vitamin D3 should be given once a week

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