The Crocodile or Moorish Gecko

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The Crocodile or Moorish Gecko

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Native to the western Mediterranean region of Europe, and also found in North Africa, the Moorish or Crocodile Gecko is strong and heavily built. It has also been reported living and breeding in California and Florida. These geckos are found in dry, rocky areas. They prefer cliff faces and large boulders, but are also seen on stone walls around human settlements.

These geckos are aggressive and territorial in behavior. It is best to house males separatley. A 10 gallon aquarium can be used to house a male/female pair, but a larger enclouser is better. Rocks and branches make for a comfortable home for the moorish gecko, mimicking it's natural habitat. Substrate can be as simple as newspaper, or a couple of inches of clean dry sand.

These geckos need daytime temperatures to be around 70 to 85 degrees with a drop of about 10 degrees for night. Although usually nocturnal they are sometimes active on sunny days at the end of winter. It is best to provide a basking light.

The Moorish Gecko can reach up to 6 inches in length, and live 8+ years with proper care. They are insectivorous, eating the usual insects: crickets, meal worms, waxworms, superworms. They have also been know to eat the occational pinkie mouse.

This gecko can be very difficult to sex because they lack femoral pores. Males are said to have wider heads and a more robust body.


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