My review of The Green Hornet

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My review of The Green Hornet

Post  Heckler Jeckler on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:15 am

The Summery: So Seth Rogan plays the Green Hornet, but in the beginning he’s not the green hornet, he’s the billionaire son of a newspaper guy and he spends most of his time getting drunk and acting like an obnoxious yuppie asshole to everybody. But then his father dies as the result of an allergic reaction to a bee sting. And then Seth decides that he needs to turn his life around, so he and his father’s Asian mechanic Kato team up to fight crime in the city.

The Violence: For a PG-13 film, TGH is pretty violent. There isn’t a lot of blood or gore but the body count is pretty high and the action scenes due tend to be rather intense. I wouldn’t recommend taking young children to see it.

The Sex: Early in the film a drunk Seth Rogan makes out with an anonymous woman. It’s not very erotic.

The Language: I didn’t hear any fucks but there was a lot of shits. Kato calls the Hornet a pussy at one point, and Seth often refers to his dead father as a dick.

The Review: Overall I liked it. Seth Rogan and Jay Chou have very good chemistry together and both come across as very likeable. Cameron Diaz is in the film but doesn’t really add much to the general story. Also some of the action scenes tend to lack structure. But there are enough good jokes to make up for it. I would say its watch a look, even if you only need to watch it one time.

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