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Post  J3TChick on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:59 pm

I have raised my own food for my herps almost since I have been keeping herps. I used to buy commercially made food to feed them, but found that it gets very expensive. I started making my own food when my operation got big. It saved me money, and I was able to keep the food in bulk. Here is my recipe for home-made rodent food:

1 - 40 lbs Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
2 - 50 lb bags of Scratch Grains (for chickens)
1 - 50 lb bag of cheap dog food, small bites if you are mixing for mice.

I mix two parts scratch grains to one part sunflower seeds, then I add about a 1/2 part of dog food.

You can also add Horse sweet feed, whole corn, cheap fruit loops or other cereal for a variety if you like.

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